Look at Dj Shaw novel’s


Angela was just a well-mannered woman, trying to get on with life. Then she met Rafe and things began to change. He introduced her to another side of life, one that she didn’t find very appealing. After she breaks free of him, she is introduced to the supernatural world, only to find out that she has some ties to that as well.

Enter Daryl, the yummy demon who has arrived to help her exact her revenge. Will she survive learning who she really is?


Phegru found the perfect human. All she needed was to remain undetected until she could gain complete control. On the verge of her success, a meddling human priest interfered. Phegru is left clinging to everything she has set into motion, knowing the day when she has complete control is nigh. And when that dark day comes…even God won’t be able to save that meddling priest.



From the time Rissa was six or seven years old, she knew that there were things trying to gain access into our world. She wasn’t old enough, at that age, to grasp the concept of what these things were or what the difference between their world and ours truly was. She grew up with this knowledge and no one to share it with. Until she got married and she shared her deepest, darkest secret with the love of her life. Tired of being teased over her childhood fear, she decides to confront it head on and that is when things get really interesting.


Wiccan Lies Blurb


MacKenzie just realized the bogeyman is real and he lives right next door. The only problem is she doesn’t know if she’s a part of his life, or he’s a part of hers. After the death of her father, MacKenzie discovered a letter that changed her life forever. Now with the knowledge she is Wiccan, she embarks on a journey to discover her true self. On that path she meets Damion, a man she is drawn to on a primal level. Since their chance encounter she has strange life-like dreams and tries to keep him at arm’s length. Not trusting her reaction to him, she relies on her instinct to lead her through their time together.



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