Burning by Danielle Rollins


After three years in juvie, Angela Davis is just a few months shy of release, and she’ll finally be free from the hole that is Brunesfield Correctional Facility. Then Jessica arrives. Only ten years old and under the highest security possible, this girl has to be dangerous, even if no one knows what she did to land in juvie. As strange things begin happening to Angela and her friends that can only be traced to the new girl’s arrival, it becomes clear that Brunesfield is no longer safe. They must find a way to get out, but how can they save themselves when the world has forgotten them? 


I was sent the ARC for a honest review.

Burning is the first book  Danielle Rollins I have read.  Its always exciting to discover a new author

Though I did enjoythe story i have to say that overall this felt like a prequel.  That we are getting the back story into how  our heroin became the way she is. 

 Angela made some wrong choices in her life but the on guiding light in her life is her brother. With her time inside juive coming to a end, freedom  and her chance to see him is so close. But the arrival  of a new inmate will change everything.

The story is written in a puzzle  like way. As the story progresses it as if pieces of the puzzle fall into place reveling a much bigger image with the  paranormal elements come out to play. 

If you are looking for a story with a interesting  dark twist then this is for you. 


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