Lunar Marked (Sky Brooks Series Book 4) Mckenzie  Hunter 

Sometimes the penalty for magic is death. 

The Midwest Pack used the Clostra to perform a powerful and dangerous spell to save Sky. Now the pack is dealing with the aftermath and doing damage control. But they can’t hide how the magic has changed the dynamics of the otherworld—or that they are responsible. 

Ethan has dangerous secrets, and Sky begins developing new and disturbing powers reminiscent of a deadly being that once ruled and terrorized the otherworld. Once Ethan and Sky are exposed, what they are discovered to be is a death sentence, one the Creed wants to enforce. 

Ethan and Sky must be saved, but things are further complicated when a new pack emerges, aided by a powerful new ally, and tries to take over the Midwest Pack’s territory by force. In order to survive the pack must call in all favors and form uneasy alliances. But will that be enough? 



Mckenzie has done it again. 

With the fourth instalment in the series packing a punch. 

Sky life still hangs procareasly in the balance.

This story picks up  alittle more steam then previous  story’s.  With the attraction  between Sky and Ethan developing further. We also  learn more about the packs lives before they came in contact with Skylar.

This a fantastic  well paced story with a Clift hanger that will leave you wanting more.

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