The Chosen One 

The countdowns down is on for the  highly anticipated release of Draekora.  To help build excitment Pantera Press is runing a amazing contest called The Chosen One. This is a amazing opportunity  for the winner.(me😊 fingers crossed)  

The 3rd book in the series, we find ourselves reunited with Alex and her friends. Now while there is the feeling of excitement  as we are reunited  we also have that feeling of dread. This is due to the fact that Jordan had sided with Aven.but there is also a little bit of excitement, due to not only potential  romance that could be forming for Alex, but also due to the discovery of the Meyarin city. What will there involvement  be ?

I love the Medoran Chronicles. It is a wonderful  story that creates such a vivid image that it pulls you in and makes you feels  as though you are part of the story.

The art work for these covers have been beautiful and the question is what colour will feature on the next cover? My guess is that blue will feature heavily on the cover. As it will help to present the idea of the changing season. 


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