​Release (Submerged Sun, #3) by Vanessa Garden

The action packed conclusion to the Submerged Sun Trilogy…

While the citizens of Marin eagerly await the birth of Lauren’s child, Miranda and Marko must deal with the pain and heartache of banishment and being forced to live on land.

But when the bodies of young women begin to wash up on beaches all over the world, their legs mutilated in a telling way, Miranda and Marko become desperate to return to the glittering underwater city.

Because if Damir is back to his evil ways, then Miranda’s sister, Lauren, is in grave danger.

Will Miranda and Marko return to the city in time to save Lauren?

Or is Lauren, and the entire city of Marin, doomed already..


This is a beautiful  conclusion  to the series.  

It was a long road to the release of  Release, but its here. Vanessa Garden has self-published this final instalment in the Submerged Sun trilogy. She has also  re-released the first to books in the series .

The underwater city of Marin is much changed from when we first discovered  it in Captivate.

 Picking up were we left off, Marko and Miranda are stranded in Bob’s Bay, constantly checking for a pod to enable them to return. But Miranda becomes concerned about her sister Lauren’s welfare,when  mutilated girls washing up randomly on beaches .

In Marin, Sylvia has the baby she’s always wanted and is consolidating her place as ruler, but will everything  go according to her plans.

 With Robbies  reduced eye sight making lift hard for him. He is trying his best to hold his world together and find a way to bring  Marko back to reclaim the throne, but Sylvia will not give it up easily. Even if Marko can reclaim his throne, he and Miranda may not be able to be together.

All of the threads that have been woven through the first two books come together here, in a beautiful conclusion  that will leave you wanting more.

You will be looking to the ocean for more.


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