​The Levels of Magic in Avalonia by Farah Oomerbhoy – Guest Post

Guest Post

In  The Avalonia Chronicles we venture into the magical realm of Avalonia. The world of Avalonia is vast and complicated. The use of magic even more so. Here is a brief description of the levels and types of magic prevalent in the seven kingdoms.


Anyone who possesses the gift of magic can achieve this level of power. It is the most common type of magic used in the seven kingdoms.

Basic magic is taught to all Mages in their first two years of magic school. Many find it very hard to go forward to the next level and most don’t have the potential to proceed any further. Therefore, many Mages end their training after the second year at the magical academies of Evolon or Nerenor.

Most Demi-Fae and lesser Fae usually possess a basic level of magic. Elementals and other Fae creatures like Dryads, sylphs, brownies, centaurs etc, all have some magic with them suited to their Fae heritage and bloodlines.

The witches and warlocks of Rohron are born with an inner power, that can be channeled through spells and incantations. 


This kind of magic is extremely powerful and is not wielded by every Mage. 

After studying to use his/her powers for 4 years at the Academy, a Mage may achieve this level of High Magic. Only those that have completed the Mage Trials, and been tested by the Archmage, are capable of reaching this level of power. A Mage capable of wielding High Magic is a formidable force and normally in service to the throne.

All of the High Fae possess atleast one type of elemental Fae power, (earth, air, fire, water or spirit). And all are capable of wielding High Magic. There are some Demi-Fae who may possess the ability to wield High Magic, but they are rarely seen. 

A few Dwarven made artifacts can be imbued with High Magic, and have been made into formidable weapons. Dwarves used to make special swords for the High Fae warriors in the past, which was a perfect conduit for Silver-Fire; the weapon of choice of the legendary Fae knights of Elfi.

There are some very powerful witches and warlocks in the nomadic tribes of Rohron. And there are many who are capable of creating and wielding High Magic. They can infuse objects with magical powers and a lot of their magic is rooted in black magic.


The oldest power known to most of the world of Avalonia; magic like this is rarely ever seen in the Mage or witch kingdoms. Mages have not yet learned to use this power. The only Mage who has ever achieved it is Lucian, the Archmage of Avalonia. But rumour has it that he uses dark magic to achieve his goals.

Usually only the most powerful High Fae who possess more than one Fae power can wield old magic; the queen of the Fae, the Elder Council, and some of the High Fae nobility.

Drakaar sorcerers, priests of the demon lord Dragath can also wield old magic. Making them extremely dangerous. The only ones capable of defeating them are the fire-fae warriors of Elfi.

The most dangerous and unpredictable kind of magic; ancient magic doesn’t exist in Avalonia anymore. There are old legends of ancient Fae queens who possessed this power, but that power is now long gone. Most of the information of the ancient age was lost in the Demon Wars when Dragath destroyed most of Avalonia. The only surviving text from the age of the ancient Fae, is The Book of Abraxas and the Fae Codex.

The only person ever known to have wielded this sort of magic is Auraken Firedrake, the first High King of Avalonia, and Aurora’s ancestor. He used this power to trap the demon lord Dragath in a magical prison within the depths of fiery Mt. Khatral, which lies beyond the Silverspike Mountains in the darklands of Maradaar.

Another who is known to have knowledge of ancient magic is the demon lord Dragath himself. Although Auraken’s powers were as strong as his, there is always the fear that one day Dragath (who is immortal) will break his magical chains and destroy the world with his darkness once more.

The Dawnstar – A legendary weapon which is said to contain the last of Avalonia’s ancient magic is Avalonia’s only defence against Dragath should he ever awake.


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