​Telophy (Betrothed, #4) by Wanda Wiltshire 


A Misunderstood King. True Love. Secrets and Desires.

The fourth book in the Betrothed Series.

Facing the reality of losing one of her best friends at the hands of the Shadow Fae, Marla is forced to put Prince Leif and his impending marriage behind her.

As Leif clings to life by a thread, Marla finds herself privy to King Telophy’s most intimate secrets and discovers that truth is rarely black and white.

In a dangerous plan to help the king, loyalties are tested, temptations are awakened and sacrifices must be made. Against the sway of Dark Magic, Marla is falling more in love with her betrothed every day … But will she get the chance to tell him or lose him forever?


I received this Arc for a honest review.

I will keep this review short sweet and try not to give anything away

We return to a world that is a little less bright, as Marla and the kingdom come to terms with the attack and it’s losses. Change is coming but will everyone be ready for what is about to happen.

Being book four we have been thought a lot with these characters. Confused took us to a rather dark   and somewhat emotional, Telophy brings us back and grounds us. Though this is still someone of a emotional journey, we see some of the old wounds close and new adventures  starts.

This book is full of surprises. With surprising twists and turns. If you are a fan of this series you will not be disappointed. 

4 words to describe this story

Discovery, truth, magical, hope


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